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Sensory modulation training framework development: Teddy’s inspirational contribution at Te Pou

Teddy, our beloved support dog, had an extraordinary day collaborating with the Te Pou team on the development of Te Pou’s groundbreaking training framework on the application of sensory modulation across the health sector. The Ted's Space team were super excited to collaborate with like-minded experts in sensory modulation, who understand the value of supporting our most vulnerable individuals and foster holistic well-being. Working alongside such minds was truly enlightening for Teddy, affirming that he was in the right place to make a meaningful difference and of course share lots of sensory modulating cuddles! 

As Teddy engaged with the Te Pou team, his presence brought a fresh perspective and invaluable contributions to the discussion. With his intuitive understanding of sensory modulation and its profound impact on wellbeing, Teddy provided firsthand insights that enriched the development of the training framework alongside the Let’s Get Real programme of work.

Welcoming the opportunity to collaborate with Te Pou, Teddy is committed to partnering with experts and sharing our lived experiences in the field of sensory modulation. Together, we aim to promote holistic well-being and aid in the training of our health workforce / kaimahi as they support those with diverse and differentiated needs. Through the power of animal-assisted therapy, we seek to enhance emotional regulation and sensory experiences. This collaboration underscores our dedication to inclusive interventions and interdisciplinary teamwork, advancing best practices in mental health support.  We look forward to collaborating with Te Pou again and can't wait to see this new training package in action.


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