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What We Do

Founded in 2017, Ted's Space is a support programme designed specifically to meet the individual emotional needs of our children. 

Ted's Space is the brain child of experienced teacher Elizabeth McKee. Initially established to work with neuro-diverse children, it quickly became apparent that all tamariki could flourish within the programme. 

The programme creates a safe space to build interoceptive awareness, confidence and courage. The combination of animal trick training, problem solving and communication empowers students to build strong transferable physical and mental strategies to support them in the classroom, their home and community. 

Where our programme runs

Ted's Space operates through the school system, helping build self awareness, identify feelings, observing individual personal responses, and creating opportunities to build children's skills, all with the aid of our pet therapy dogs. 

If you're a teacher or work in a school and would like to see Ted's Space come to your school please contact us

"X who loves animals, developed an instant attachment to Teddy. For a child going

through emotional trauma, Teddy has been a big comfort and has made X feel secure at a new school. Being with Teddy is an opportunity for X to practice social skills and being around others in a supportive environment. It also allows X to feel special and valued."


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