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Hi my name is Elizabeth McKee. I began my journey in education over a decade ago, equipped with a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) and a Postgraduate Diploma (with distinction) in Education, endorsed with Learning Languages. My teaching career has been a journey of passion for creating safe spaces for learners.

Over the years, my focus has revolved around neurodiverse learning and the creation of learning spaces where students are at the centre of their educational journey. As a specialist ORS teacher, my philosophy is rooted in child-led learning and development.

Six years ago, my experience, skills, and deep passion for individualised education led to the creation of Ted's Space. Ted's Space is all about creating a safe haven where students can learn, grow, and be themselves. It's a place where the well-being and individuality of each child are at the forefront. My vision is to foster a sense of belonging and provide an environment that nurtures children's curiosity and supports their growth, emotionally and academically.  The building blocks of Ted's Space were formed by integrating these principles, and today, it continues to thrive as an embodiment of child-led learning and development.

Dog training qualifications - 
Level 1 TAGTeach Certified

Karen Pryor Academy
Dog Trainer Foundation qualification


Teddy, the heart and soul of Ted's Space, is an extraordinary and lovable support dog. He is an 11 year old Spoodle, known for his gentle nature and unwavering loyalty. Teddy's incredible ability to connect with children, his gentle demeanour, and his enthusiasm for being an active part of our program make him truly special. With his soft fur and wagging tail, Teddy has a natural talent for bringing smiles to the faces of children and their whānau. His presence creates a safe and supportive space for learning and growth, making Teddy a remarkable and cherished companion for everyone involved in Ted's Space.


Daisy, our beloved four-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, holds a special place in the heart of Ted's Space. With her stunning soft golden fur, Daisy is a true magnet for children who are drawn to her gentle and calming presence. Daisy possesses an innate ability to sense when a child needs a quiet head to rest on their lap or a soothing snuggle on the mat. She enjoys leisurely walks with the kids and is always up for joining in on a good book reading session. Daisy's keen sense of emotional support and her watchful eye make her a valuable and cherished member of our Ted's Space family, offering much-needed sensory and emotional comfort to those who need it most.


Willow is one of our trainee Ted’s Space pups.  Willow is a four year old Spoodle.  Willow loves to learn new tricks and especially likes to find hidden items using her nose!  Willow has begun to visit schools and is learning to sit quietly outside classrooms observing the environment and getting used to the busy and unpredictable spaces that schools are.  We look forward to seeing Willow working in our schools in the very near future.

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