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🐾 Teddy and Daisy: Dynamic Duo Spreads Joy at School! 🐾

Today was an extra special day at school as Teddy and Daisy, our beloved furry friends, got to spend the day together, spreading love and happiness wherever they went! From cuddles to tail wags, these two adorable pups brought double the joy to all our students and staff.

With their wagging tails and gentle nuzzles, Teddy and Daisy worked side by side, offering comfort and support to anyone who needed it. Whether it was lending a listening ear during story time or sharing their calming presence during a busy morning, these pups truly made a difference.

As they roamed the classrooms, Teddy and Daisy showcased their unique skills, from Daisy's soft golden fur that beckons for a snuggle, to Teddy's playful antics that never fail to bring a smile.

Together, they reminded us of the power of unconditional love and the joy that comes from furry companionship.  Great work Teddy and Daisy, bringing a morning filled with laughter, warmth, and lots of wagging tails.


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