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Welcome Back to School Teddy - Term 1, 2024

Cuddles, pats and more cuddles!

As our Ted's Space schools return for the start of the new year, Teddy and the Ted's Space team were super excited to be heading back to see our old friends and also to meet lots of new students.  We have also added a new school to our weekly visits - so we are a little busy!

Our first lunchtime visit was filled with squeals of delight as the word 'Teddy is here' quickly spread across the playground and excited children came running to see their furry friend.  It was awesome to hear our wee friends remind each other 'don't forget, just one hand to pat Teddy' as they kept Teddy safe in the busy playground. 

Teddy back on duty!

Teddy, Daisy and the Ted's Space team are now working across five different schools each week in the Wellington region - that's hundreds of students that we come in contact with each week.  Sometimes it is just a passing pat with Ted as we move through a busy hallway, but we often hear as we move on 'I really needed that.' It is wonderful to hear that Teddy can bring a few moments of respite and make such a positive difference to a student's day.  Our Ted's Space days are filled with 1-1, small group and whole class lessons, some days we can work with 100+ students and others just a small group of 5-10 students. We love the different schools, spaces and classes that we get to work in and explore as part of our day.

We are looking forward to an awesome warm sunny summer term!  Tails are wagging with excitement for the adventures that lie ahead! With the sun shining brightly overhead, there's no better time for our furry friends to explore new places, make paw-some memories, and perhaps even dig up some buried treasures in the sandpit!


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